Perpetually investigating the intersection of the human experience & technology.





I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received a Bachelor of Science in Information Science. While I attended the School of Information and Library Science at UNC, I never abandoned my first love, which was media studies, housed in the Communication Studies department. In 2014, I was granted the Outstanding Achievement in Media & Technology Studies Award prior to graduation.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I began working as a business intelligence analyst & developer for a company in Chapel Hill, NC. This experience allowed me to not only directly apply what I had learned in school, but also vastly augment my communication skills and ability to thrive in a team setting. I am deeply thankful for all the experiences that I have had here as I know that I wouldn't have had nearly as many opportunities at other companies.

After some time at this company, I decided to get my masters degree in human-computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. My inspiration to attend this particular degree program was my desire to bridge the gap between humanity and technology, particularly in the realm of accessible and enabling technology. We live in an age where we should no longer sacrifice that which makes us human in order to effectively utilize the technology that surrounds us. Human-computer interaction is also a wonderful blend of media, technology, accessibility, and data management, and thus I was able to apply many of my varying skills during my studies.

I have now completed my Masters and am excited to be looking for new opportunities.




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